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The role of any copywriter is to crystallise the message you and your business wish to present with words most suited to your target audience.


It really is that simple. If only everybody could do it… right?


Not quite.


Just as most of us can change a light bulb but would wisely hire an electrician for the more technical electrical requirements, hiring a copywriter is one of the all-important steps that will help take your brand to the next level.


Hi there!


I’m James, the go-to copywriter for all clients who have come to me thus far. I'd love to add you to that list.


The below snap shows me pleased as punch as I embark on a trek in the Hollywood Hills. Unfortunately this is in no way representative of my everyday life, where alongside writing copy I mainly like to indulge in decaffeinated tea and hobnobs.


My first forays into copywriting came whilst still at university, doing the odd scribe for whoever asked for a little extra pocket money. 


After a brief stint at a media agency and the mandatory mid-twenties travels to South America, I began to think “hold up… I'd much rather make a living out of this writing lark.”


That was ten years ago. I've helped many a business since then, and thankfully the writing continues to fund the tea and hobnob addiction.

Need a copywriter?

Get in touch

Drop me a line if you're looking for a copywriter or want to connect about future opportunities.



Mobile: +44 7539 064346

Thanks for stopping by, I'll get right back to you! James.

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